Monumental heritage

Numerous protected cultural assets testify to the rich and long history of Ugljan. Muline Archaeological Zone, Church of St. Hippolytus and Cassian, Monastery and Church of St. Jeronimo, the Califfi family summer house and the Vrgada House are in the Register of Protected Cultural Property of the Republic of Croatia.

Monuments from early antiquity, a villa rustica, a late ancient mausoleum, the remains of an early Christian basilica and a monumental oil mill from the 1st century for oil processing in the cove of Muline testify to the early stay of man in this area.

Convent of St Hieronymus

In the centre of the town there is a beautiful building in the sandy beach of Mostir. The convent was build in 1430. with simple gothic church of St Hieronymus consecrated in the 1447. The architect is Juraj Lukaci-Zavaliska. In the cloister of the convent there is a decorated tomb stone of the founder of glagolic print shop in Rijeka, the bishop Simun Kozicic-Benja (1460-1536).

Villa Rustica

It is placed in Muline, from 1 or 2 century aD. It is the oldest roman building in Ugljan, and has ruins of olive oil mill.

Church of St Kosmas and St Damien

Build in 11. th or 12 th century in late pre Romanic stile. The legend says that the merchant Torricella built it, who was saved in shipwreck and who swim to that place. It is the oldest church in Ugljan. It is placed in the docile cove of Ljokina, and there is a path leading to it, ideal for cyclists and pedestrians.

Church of St Hipolit and Kasijan

The church of St Hipolit is placed in the village of Varos in the centre of Ugljan. Build in the or 13 th century, and lately redecorated in gothic style. It was first mentioned in the documents in 1374.. It has the late baroque altar.

Church of all the Saints

In the village of Gornje selo there is a Church of all the saints built in 12 th or 13 th century. It is placed in a small hill from which there is a beautiful view on entire Ugljan.

The castle of "Beršić"

It is placed in the village of Gornje selo. Built by the land lord Califfi in the 17 th century, managed by the family of Bersic ( Brcic), now days it is completely restored and has a name of world famous basketball player Kresimir Cosic.

Ancient Christian basilica

Build in the 5 th century as a three nave basilica with semicircular apse, with later added cells (rooms) and by the end of the 5 th century there is a pentagonal apse added. Big layer of water proof mortar shows that it served as a baptistery. Historical data show that it was a church until middle 18 th century, when it was sanctified to St John, and the whole locality now has the name STIVON.

Church of Uznesenja Blažene djevice Marije

It is placed in the centre of the town, on a hill, so that the bell tower makes recognizable image of the town. It was first mentioned in history documents in 1401. Altair is decorated by baroque painting from 18 th century.

Church of Sv Petar (St. Peter)

The end of the island, the cape itself got its name by this church, the medieval pronunciation of its name - Supetar. Only the walls of the church are saved, up to 1,5 m. In the inside there is an inscription of the year 1510 AD, and a cross. It has older architectural style, early Romanic. There is no road to the church.