TZ Preko - Surroundings

Ugljan and Pašman

The island where place Ugljan is located bears the same name as the place itself – Ugljan. Natural beauties, countless corners worth exploring, many beaches and recreational trails are woven into every pore of the island. With that in mind, besides place Ugljan, we invite you to visit other places on the island – Lukoran, Sutomišćica, Poljana, Preko, Kali and Kukljica.

Only a few hundred meters long bridge connects Islands Ugljan and Pašman. This island exudes the Mediterranean lifestyle as well, so you will certainly not make a mistake if you embark on an adventure of discovering Pašman.

Besides Ugljan Tourist Board, on Islands Ugljan and Pašman there are:

Tourist Board Municipality of Preko

Kali Tourist Board

Kukljica Tourist Board

Pašman Tourist Board

Tkon Tourist Board

NP "Kornati"

Kornati, family of around one hundred islands, reefs and cliffs is an area that vibrates with original and unique beauty. The magnificence of the island structures and turquoise sea make these islands a perfect place for concentration and calmness. Efforts made by generations of fishermen and peasants nowadays are visible in straight stonewalls, rare pieces of fertile land and modest stone houses. Protected as a national park, Kornati is an oasis of stones where nature admirers can find quiet and peaceful place and an idea of Mediterranean.

NP "Krka"

River Krka in its short path to the sea goes through deep canyons guarded by the silent ruins of medieval castles. On this way Krka makes many cascades and waterfalls, and the most important is Skradinski buk, the highest plaster barrier in Europe, 46 m of height. There is also the centre of National park Krka, one of the most valuable ecological systems in Europe for the diversity of endemic plants and animals. There is no river like Krka. It is one of the most beautiful and most mysterious European rivers.

NP "Paklenica"

Paklenica is a common name for two canyon valleys (Velika and Mala Paklenica) with cliffs over 400m, that go opposite to the mountain , and cut through the sea and the highest peaks. Touching the sea and the mountain, in straight cut deep canyons of the Podgora valley that follows the mountain of Velebit. There are plenty of interesting and unusual natural phenomenon. Original nature inspires the visitors. NP Paklenica is famous alpinist centre known world wide.

Park of nature Vransko jezero

Vransko jezero is a natural phenomenon of the Riviera of Zadar and the biggest natural lake in Croatia with surface of 30,7 km2. It gets its water from several springs, and it goes through the abyss and 800 m long channel of Prosika from the lake to the bay of Pirovac. Vransko jezero offers many interesting things: it is protected as an ornithological reservation, it has a small colony of herons and it is a resort of many species of swamp birds. Freshwater fishery is also interesting, considering the distance from the sea. In the north the are ruins of the fortress of Vrana and the medieval Turkish seraglio.

Park of nature Telaščica

The cove of Luka Telašćica is in South East of the island of Dugi otok, it is about 10 Km long, protected from open sea wind with the high cliffs of the mountain of Grpascak and Muravjak. North East shore is protected from wind as well. Surrounded with dense Mediterranean vegetation, it is a special attraction for nautical tourists with its nature given beauty and salt lake.

City Zadar

Zadar is a cultural, economical and administrative centre of the north Dalmatia. It is a town of rich spiritual and material culture with rich cultural tradition. It is a treasury of archaeological and monumental values from antic, medieval and renaissance periods. Zadar is a spring of Croatian history and scientific tradition, protector of musical and literature tradition. Zadar is very attractive for tourists for its culture and history and possibilities for different programs. Zadar is one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations, which the Times of London proclaimed "entertainment center on the Adriatic," and, the Guardian "the new Croatian capital of cool." You will be thrilled by its special atmosphere and rich life - whether by day or by night. In summer, city of Zadar is the host of Zadar Music Evenings in St. Donat, Zadar Summer Theatre Festival, the Festival of Contemporary Music, KalelargArt - Street Art Festival, and the urban festival Zadar dreams. You will certainly have fun at The Night of the Full Moon, Millennium Jump-in or at one of the concerts with world music attractions.